Emergency Communication Reality bites...

Business Emergency Notifications

When an unexpected event knocks your business off-course, you need the teams to get you back to normal operation acting fast, working together and following those well documented procedures in your business continuity plans.

You can relax right? The table top rehearsals went well, contact details are on the HR server, plans are stored on the IT Drive, everyone was talking to each other - simple!

When the power to the office is lost on Sunday night, the building is in lock-down and the servers are off-line - what do you do? Where are those plans? Who do you call? How do you contact everyone who needs to know? Who is available to get the back-up site ready? Where is the back-up site anyway?

We believe in times of crisis keeping things simple is vital. Information should be in easy reach of those who need it, the call to action should be done with minimal effort and staff and teams should be able to tell you they are OK and available with a minimum of fuss. Help your staff have the information to hand when its needed

The Calling Tree app does all of this intuitively through our simple to use interface and mobile app.

We put your business continuity plans, contacts, maps and vital communication tools in the hands of your staff - on their phones, locked securely in our app and stored locally so when theres little or no mobile signal the information is still available. Emergency notifications can be triggered from a single button push in the app or in the central admin console. Send out SMS, Voice or Push messages and as people respond, see their replies update in real time. Staff can check-in themselves and others so you can see who is available and ready to help.

Information is secured and access is conrolled. Multiple user access levels mean you can be sure that the right information is available to each member of the team - it is exactly what they need, nothing more and nothing less. - and when the app is not required remotely block it, permanently, with a single click. Data is encrypted at rest, in use and in flight.

It's worth asking yourself, "If this happened to my business, how would we manage in a real situation?"

Our customers did and they now have their most valuable assets - their employees - empowered with the tools they need to support the recovery operation, wherever and whenever they are called upon. Contact us for more information and to arrange a free demonstration of our simple and elegant solution, you will not be disappointed!


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