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NextGen Framework
What makes it simple?

we give you everything you need

Powerful multi-channel messaging, two way communications, Business Continuity plans, contacts, maps, directions and check-in ability ... all at their fingertips ... secured in our stunning mobile app.

Web based platform

Administer from your private console

From message creation and bulk dispatch to user administration; everything can be handled within your own, bespoke, private admin console. Multiple sites are not a problem - We give you the ability for local administrators to look after their own site.

Emergency Notifications
Stunning Graphics
Flexibility for all of your users

Multi-language iOS and Android apps

We're constantly working with our clients to enhance and improve the service. The most recent addition is for the app interface to be delivered in the user's preferred language. We already handle multi-lingual messaging.

Privacy Protected

Secured Solutions

Data is encrypted and locked in the app, on the admin site & when travelling between the two. Remove a user & their app is rendered useless.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to get up and running?

We create your private and totally bespoke administration console and seed it with sample data relevant to your industry. Once you receive log-ins for the admin console and registration codes for the mobile apps and you are good to go. Upload your own data and roll out to your testers.

Where is my data stored?

Data is secured in a state-of-the-art Tier 3+ Carbon Neutral Datacentre in the Isle of Man. With ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certifications in place and N+1 Power, backed up by both generators and UPS we have unparalleled up-time and availability stats..

How much does it cost?

The trial is totally free including full support, roll-out assistance and messaging. Once you are ready to go live, pricing is dependent on the number of users and contacts in the system plus a small charge for 24x7x365 support. Per-user pricing can be as low as 5 GBP per year, falling rapidly with scale from the entry level of 17.50. Ask about our special pricing for not-for-profits, charities and educational use.

What number do messages originate from?

In most countries we are able to provide you with a dedicated number from which all SMS and Voice calls will originate. Your users can reply to your number and their replies will be visible in your app and admin console. If you don't need replies we can send SMS from a source which displays as text on the user's mobile.

How many messages can I send to users?

Included in all packages is a generous allowance of messages per user (voice and SMS). We use a dedicated messaging gateway capable of sending 4,800 messages per minute. For a team of 300 people you could reach all staff in under 4 seconds, even if using Voice messaging.

What languages can I send SMS and Voice?

SMS can be sent in any language you have a keyboard capable of inputting. Voice can be sent in most languages with a choice of female and male voices and in regional accents for English variants.

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Fully functional, access ALL app features trial. Our support team create your private admin console, assist in on-boarding your test data and are available 24x7 to assist so you can feel the power of the app first hand.

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Why choose Us?

Why choose Us?We work with you.

From inital demo or proof of concept right through to company wide roll out we work with you to ensure you get the best possible result from our sotware. Our personal on-boarding assistance gets you up and running in no time.

Why choose Us?

Simplicity and EleganceData in hand.

A mobile phone is probably the only thing you can guarantee your staff will have close at hand 24x7. You decide who gets what information, our app does the rest. Only updating when information changes the data is always up to date and available.

Why choose Us?

SecurityRight information with the right people.

You control who has access to what information - assign documents to individual groups and update them centrally. Restrict access to personal information as fits your policy.

Fully branded administration console.

Manage users, documents, maps, call trees and messaging from your personal admin console

You are in control

User access and security managed from your private web portal.

App Roll-outSimple to install

Users are sent a unique time-sensitive code for the app with links to the app store and play-store. They download the version for their phone, enter the code and the app data refreshes. (App can be distrubted by MDM solution if required.)

Why choose Us?

Leavers and JoinersInstant lock-out/activation.

Someone left the firm? Simply remove them from the admin console and the app on their devices is rendered useless. A simple upload from Active Directory or an HR system can be automated or run on demand. New joiners are automatically created.

Why choose Us?

Employee SafetyAre you all OK?

Send a message by PUSH, SMS or VOICE and track user responses. They can reply to SMS, press a key on receipt of voice call or check-in through the app. Messages created in the admin console can be sent directly from the mobile app.

Why choose Us?

Call us today at +44.345.054.2372 or Email us at info@thecallingtree.com

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Fully functional, access ALL app features trial. Our support team create your private admin console, assist in on-boarding your test data and are available 24x7 to assist so you can feel the power of the app first hand.

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